Counselor's Corner

The primary role of the elementary school counselor is to be a support for the students’ academic, personal, and/or social needs. School counselors also collaborate and consult with staff and parents regarding how best to meet the needs of students. Group and individual counseling services are available to students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The most common issues addressed in group counseling are friendship, getting along, and expressing emotions appropriately. Groups typically run for 6-8 weeks.

The counselor provides classroom guidance lessons which encourage and teach children the many skills needed for personal development, career exploration, and educational development. Again this year, I will be splitting my time between Red Bridge and Boone Elementary to teach classroom guidance lessons, facilitate small groups, and to meet with students one-on-one. I will be at Red Bridge every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you need to contact me, please leave a voicemail at (816) 612-4207 or email me at

Have a wonderful year!

Mrs. Burnett

Helpful Links

Love and Logic
This site has lots of parenting info! There are tons of articles relating to how to handle specific situations. They offer seminars and have a fairly large bookstore. Many of their books can also be found in the public library.

American Academy of Pediatrics
This site has tons of information on general health issues as well as emotional/behavior concerns. There are articles about a variety of topics such as ADHD, aggression, self-esteem, etc.

Solace House
This is the official site for Solace House. They are an agency that is based in Kansas City. They provide group counseling on site for children and adults who are grieving. They can also provide referrals for individual counseling. This site also has some good links to other sites that provide information about grief and the grieving process.

Parent Center
This website has information on a variety of topics relating to children and their development. Articles are sorted by age and stage of development.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
This website has tons of information for those who love numbers! We use it in classroom guidance lessons because it also has some good info on careers in kid friendly language! If you visit the site, scroll down all the way to the bottom. On the right hand side, you’ll see an icon that says careers for kids. This will take you to all kinds of information about jobs.

Safety Tool Kit for parents
This website has a free downloadable safety kit for parents with common myths about safety and an information card. It is supported by Duracell– the battery people!

Test Taking Tips
This website has some good ideas for taking tests, studying, and handling test anxiety. There are a few tips that don’t apply to elementary age kids, but most can be adapted to any level.

Life Matters
Parenting Resource Site

Early Childhood Articles and information
scroll to the bottom for early childhood articles.