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A big piece of Center Elementary’s focus is around positive behavior instructional support (PBIS). As a school, we are working to help each and every student SOARR (Be Safe, Be Orderly, Have a Positive Attitude, Be Responsible and Be Respectful)! Please take some time to review what is means to be safe, orderly, have a positive attitude, be responsible and respectful.

Attendance is a big part of the academic and character success of students. Every minute counts! Students arriving late or leaving early are impacted by their perfect attendance rating. As a reminder school hours are 8:15 for those eating breakfast, 8:35 for those eating breakfast at home, and dismissal at 3:45. Please schedule doctor’s appointments and other events around these hours whenever possible.

Looking forward to seeing you at school!

8401 Euclid
Kansas City, MO 64132
ph: 816-349-3444
fx" 816-349-3441

Eagle Start and End Times:
8:15 a.m.: Students may arrive for breakfast.
8:35 a.m.: The 1st bell rings. Students may arrive at school and head straight to the classrooms.
8:45 a.m.: The 2nd bell rings. Students arriving after this bell are counted tardy.
3:45 p.m.: Dismissal


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Use Destiny to place holds and check fine and due date. Password and username is the same as the log in at school. Contact Mrs. Sharp if you need help lists ALL the books that have AR tests. Students can get books from home, school or the public library and take a test.

Home connect allows parents to check students progress on AR tests. Parents can also sign up to get an email sent every time your child takes an AR test. Contact the library for login information.

Great place to find resources! They keep a current list of Award Books.
Taking a long road trip? Get an audio book to listen to.


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