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Guidance and Counseling Staff

Neil Corriston
Counselor (M-Z)
Bethany SylvesterCounselor (A-L)


Jeannette GiangrossoA+
Dakotah JorgensenSocial
Michelle HowrenCareer
Fonniesha WrightCollege

Scholarship Resources

*** Please check website often for Scholarship Materials, Counseling Updates and Internet Resources.***

We are often in search for scholarship information for our students.If you are unaware of these sites, you may find them helpful for your minority students.

Scholarship Opportunities for Minorities

African American Scholarship Opportunities

Latino/Undocumented Students Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities for Women


• Career and Educational Planning Guide (Course Description Book - 2016-2017)

• ACT web page

• Local Colleges' Financial Aid Information (pdf)

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