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Dear Indian Creek Elementary Families,

Welcome! We are excited to have you as a member of our school community and district at large. It is our honor and pleasure to serve you. Indian Creek Elementary is a school with caring staff, supportive parents, and great students. We are a school with high academic and behavioral standards and expectations for all of our scholars. Our mission and goal is to build a strong academic and positive behavioral foundation for each student to grow from as they progress through their educational career. It is our mission to help produce productive and caring citizens who are life-long learners.

Our Philosophy: We believe that all learners will acquire the skills necessary to develop self-discipline, positive social relationships and academic success; these skills will be taught, expected, reinforced, and coached daily. Our Motto: Dream, Think, Believe, and Achieve by being Safe, Responsible, and Respectful.

I look forward to a successful year partnering with you and our ICE bulldog scholars!



Dr. Angela Price, Ed.D.
Indian Creek Elementary


9801 Grand
Kansas City, MO 64114
ph: 816-612-4250
fx: 816-612-4287

Bulldog Start and End Times:
8:35 a.m.: Students report to classes
8:45 a.m.: Students arriving at 8:45 or later are tardy.

3:45 p.m.: Dismissal

Early Release: 1:15



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Elementary Student Website

Use Destiny to place holds and check fine and due date. Password and username is the same as the log in at school. Contact Mrs. Sharp if you need help lists ALL the books that have AR tests. Students can get books from home, school or the public library and take a test.


Great place to find resources! They keep a current list of Award Books.
Taking a long road trip? Get an audio book to listen to.


Nurse's Nook

Welcome to Nurse's Nook

Parents, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or comments.
I can be reached Monday-Friday 8a-4p in my clinic at 816.612.4254

Center School District #58 Health Services

Exclusion Guidelines

The School Nurse shall use the following in addition to a thorough nursing assessment to determine when a student should be excluded from school:

1. Temperature of 100.4 degrees or more- Student must be fever free for at least 24 hours before return

2. Diarrhea-Student must be free of diarrhea for at least 24 hours or medical exam indicates may return

3. Vomiting-Student must be free of vomiting for at least 24 hours before return. If a student vomits two or more times in the previous 24 hours unless determined to be caused by a non-communicable condition (e.g. cough, running exertion etc.) they will be excluded

4. Mouth sores with drooling-until a medical exam indicates may return

5. Rash only with fever or behavior change-until a medical exam indicates may return

6. Eye drainage-when purulent (pus) drainage and/or fever or eye pain is present with red or pink conjunctiva, until a medical exam indicates a child may return

7. Unusual color of skin, eyes-until a medical exam indicates may return

8. Unable to participate in routine activities or needs more care than can be provided by school staff- i.e. Uncontrolled coughing, unexplained irritability, unusually tired, difficulty breathing, wheezing, persistent crying.

Students will NOT be excluded (may stay at school) with:

1. Common cold

2. Fever without signs and symptoms of illness

3. Watery eyes without fever, eye pain, or eyelid redness

4. Yellow and white eye drainage, not associated with red or pink conjunctiva

5. Rash without fever or behavioral changes

6. Lice or nits (may delay treatment until end of school day)

7. Ringworm (may delay treatment until end of school day)


You will hear from me if your child will need any immunizations before they can start school according to Missouri State Laws. Occasionally your child may need an immunization during the school year, I will contact you ahead of time in this case so we can ensure your child does not miss any school.

Health Concerns

If your child has a specific health concern, please be sure to let me know. I will be glad to work with you to make a plan to keep them healthy and ensure their success at school.

Medication Administration

Specifically, if your child takes daily medication and will need to take that medication at school, please have medication to school ASAP. A parent/or guardian needs to bring the medication, not the student. A permission form will need to be filled out at that time. The medication needs to be in the original box, with a prescription label that has your child’s name on it. No over-the-counter medication will be administered without a note from your child’s doctor.

If your child has a current asthma diagnosis, I would like your child to have an inhaler in the school clinic. Inhalers, like any other medication must be in the original box and a permission form must be filled out. Additionally, it is helpful to have a copy of your child’s Asthma Treatment Plan from their physician so I can have a better idea of when your child may need their inhaler while at school


We encourage and invite you to join our Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) also referred to as Parents, Teachers, Students, Connected (P.T.S.C.). Any time and/or input you are able to give will be invaluable to our success. All parents/guardians and even extended family members are also encouraged to join by way of submitting membership dues ($6.00). Membership funds enable the P.T.S.C. to provide programs, activities, and/or supplies for all students. Thank you in advance for any support you are able to give.

Feel free to contact a member of our P.T.S.C. at 816-612-4280 or



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The Kansas City Chiefs have announced their first Coach of the Week honors for the 2019 season. The awards go to Center High School coach Bryan DeLong

On Friday, September 6 Center beat St. Joseph Lafayette 35-21 to move to 2-0 on the season.

"We are extremely honored to be recognized by such a class organization as the Kansas City Chiefs," DeLong said. "They have set the bar when it comes to class and winning. A truly humbling experience for the Yellowjackets."

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82 % of Center School District voters approved a $48 million no tax increase bond during the April 2, 2019 Election.

The bond will allow Center School District to update: all district buildings to improve student and teacher safety and security, fund infrastructure maintenance projects, build a new Indian Creek Elementary and expand Red Bridge Elementary to accommodate enrollment growth. The bond will NOT RESULT IN A TAX INCREASE, but will continue the current level of property taxes.

To learn more about project updates, please visit :

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