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Over the next two weeks, September 20, 2021 – October 1, 2021, the Center School District is administering the NWEA assessments in Science, Math, and ELA. NWEA offers state-aligned, computerized adaptive tests, called Measure of Academic Progress (MAP). These tests accurately reflect the instructional level of each student and measure growth over time. These assessments will provide us great information on your student and what he/she is ready to learn in terms of content skills and in relation to peers at the same grade levels nationally. The NWEA is an ungraded, untimed test that takes approximately one hour. The tests will be administered in content classes. Buildings are finalizing schedules and will communicate specific details. Parents/Guardians will receive information about how to best meet your student's learning needs!!! Please encourage your student to put forth his/her best effort, as it is truly meant to benefit him/her in maximizing learning.