Our District

Welcome to the Center School District –an educational community where achievement is the priority and a love of learning is evident through our students and staff. Center’s unique position of being a smaller school district in the heart of a big city provides an opportunity to meet learners of all ages in small classroom settings and help them grow into strong students.

As an educator who has been in Center School District for 21 years, I’m thrilled to be embarking on this journey as Superintendent with our community. Our high achievement as a district that has earned “Accredited with Distinction” is the result of continuous improvement and commitment to excellence in education. We are a school district that has one of the highest attendance rates across the state, excellent graduation rates, and an Annual Performance Report placing us in the “Accredited with Distinction” range.

When our community thinks about Center School District, we think about an overwhelming sense of care for all the students we serve. We focus on the C.A.R.E. Team: Community and Culture; Achievement; Resources; and Equity.

Community and Culture create a sense of family and togetherness that allows us to maintain an environment taking care of all students, educators and community members.
Achievement means our focus never waivers from growing learners at high levels.
Resources means maximizing our people, our talents, and our budget to realize our vision for Center School District.
Equity ensures that we raise up all people connected to our school enabling everyone to learn and excel.

This is our vision and – to build on community, achievement, resources, and equity that ensures a place of high student achievement. Because we C.A.R.E. – Together We Achieve.

In service,
Dr. Sharon Nibbelink