Our goal is to create opportunities for students to reach their full potential in a learning centered environment.

On this page you will find information about our district report cards, title and federal  programs, as well as other district programs aimed to serve our students.

If you have questions about academic services, extended learning initiatives, special academic services as well as other programs, please reach out to our academic team.

Elizabeth Arbisi

Dr. Elizabeth Arbisi 
Executive Director of Academic Services

Neal Weitzel

Neal Weitzel 
Extended Learning and Development


Joyce Sudemeyer

Joyce Sudemeyer
Supervisor of Systems Management


Sheila Johnston
Executive Administrative Assistant to Academic Services


The Center School District participates in the Missouri Course Access Program.  The program offers district students the opportunity to enroll in virtual school courses, in a variety of grade levels and content areas, from Kindergarten to grade 12.  Students interested in virtual school courses must meet the eligibility requirements established by law, and enrollment in such courses must be determined by the district to be in the best educational interest of the student.