CSD Champions

At the Center School District, we understand that the pandemic has created new challenges for students, families  and educators. As we look back to March of 2020, we are incredibly proud of the immense and important education opportunities we have provided our students. We want to celebrate how far we have come and acknowledge pride in the work we have accomplished as a school community. Yet, we also recognize there is much work that continues.

Virtual learning has posed obstacles for some students to fully engage. We are seeing more students struggling to demonstrate mastery of content. As we analyze and process student performance, we see the need to provide flexibility and options to ensure our students are learning and growing.

This webpage hosts the CSD Student Performance Belief statement, tips for success, videos of encouragement as well as other efforts to inspire students to remain focused, attend class and reach out to teachers and staff for needed support. We have titled these efforts: “We Create Champions in the Center School District.” 

Students and families will see more flexibility and allowances to make-up work, take on additional assignments and work with teachers to ensure mastery of content is available. We want to stress, attendance, active learning attempts and partnerships with teachers and staff are critical components to make success possible. Our ultimate goal is to ensure families know, we are here for our students, walking alongside them through this challenge.

To read the District Communication that was shared with families: please click on the link below. 

A letter to families