Gifted Program


The Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students (PEGS) program identifies and serves exceptionally gifted students in a full-time academic environment appropriate for their unique needs.

Who May Apply?

Students who meet all three of the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  1. Reside in the Grandview, Hickman Mills or Center School Districts in Jackson County, MO.
  2. Entering grades 2-6 or chronological ages for those grades.
  3. An intelligence Quotient at or above 140 on the WISC-III, WISC-IV, WISC-V, or Stanford-Binet V. Selection criteria includes an additional cognitive measure, currently the Stanford-Binet Form L-M.

If you are interested in finding out more about the PEGS Program, you may contact one of the following coordinators.

Center School District


Hickman Mills

Dr. Elizabeth Arbisi (816) 349-3344
Sheryl Malloy (816) 316-5040
Holly Phillips (816) 316-8501



The Advanced Learning Program (ALPs) services students in grades K-5. A Gifted Facilitator works with students on an individual basis. The program provides enriched and extended educational experiences.

The ALPs program strives to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To stimulate student interest in subjects beyond the realm of regular classroom study through reading, writing, independent research, hands-on activities, and experimentation.
  • To incorporate practice of higher level thinking skills and to provide problem solving opportunities in all lessons.
  • To provide lessons that incorporate activities that address Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) goals and objectives.
  • To recognize and attend to the affective needs of the gifted student.

Contact Beth Bix, Gifted Facilitator, at 816-612-4213 or


Gifted students at Center High School are serviced through English classes for 9-11th grade. Some students enter 9th grade as state identified gifted and other students are identified during their freshman and sophomore years based on current assessments such as the PLAN tests.

The students have the opportunity to take AP English and UMKC English their senior year. The gifted facilitator works with seniors on college planning, scholarships, and essays during a resource hour. The facilitator writes recommendations as either the classroom teacher or a college advisor. The gifted facilitator also helps students in class selection and placement when necessary.

The gifted program monitors the PSAT and the ACT process for each of the gifted students. The program also oversees the nomination process to the Missouri Scholars Academy and the Missouri Fine Arts Academy and helps students find other summer opportunities by working closely with the guidance department and classroom teachers.