Parents As Teachers (PAT)

CSD58 Parents As Teachers/ United Way Success By Six Community Resource Center



Sheila Lewis, Coordinator



Boone Elementary School
8817 Wornall
Kansas City, MO 64114





Services are free

Our fun, informative services are FREE to families with children under school age who live in Center School District:
- Parents As Teachers (PAT) personalized home visits
- Group Activities
- Developmental Screening
- United Way Success By Six Center
- Playgroup and Story Time
- Toy Lending Library, community playroom, and internet connected computer

Why Parents as Teachers

Because 95% of brain development occurs in the first 5 years of life...
Because children don't come with an instruction manual...
Because families are the foundation for all learning....

About Parents As Teachers

- Personalized home visits are conducted by a certified parent educator with the latest child development information for families with children from birth to kindergarten entrance.
- Printed information based on the latest research outlines what to expect as your child grows and develops.
- Group activities provide opportunity for parents to share experiences, discuss topics of interests, and socialize.
- Screenings of your child's educational and sensory (vision and hearing) development gauge progress from year to year.
- Success By Six Resource Center and Lending Library has toys, games, books, internet connected computer, and parenting resources available for check out in a bright, welcoming environment.
- Play group room provides an informal opportunity for parents and their children to meet and mingle.
- Newsletter keeps families informed about upcoming opportunities.

Developmental Screening

Annual screening conducted on home visits for all PAT children and by appointment for any child aged 3 months through kindergarten.

Developmental screenings conducted by appointment at the center for other interested families living in the district by calling 349-3715.

Kindergarten screenings are conducted at the elementary school your child will attend. Call your elementary school for details.

Preschool screenings are conducted at Boone Elementary School. Please call 349-3700 for an appointment.