Paul Kramschuster
* Essential Board-Certified Member
Board term ends 2021

Paul Kramschuster - Paul was elected to the Board in April of 2018 and served as Vice President from April, 2019 to June, 2020.  He is honored to serve the Center taxpayers, voters and community in this way.  Paul respects the fact that a public school district belongs to the entire community of students, families, taxpayers, voters, and residents regardless of whether their children attend district schools.  We all benefit from successful schools — schools that provide a loving environment that helps our children, teachers, staff, and administrators develop and become the best human beings they can be.  Paul appreciates the many ways that our community supports the district, including that the 2019 bond passed by a margin of 85%. Consequently, it is important that the district administration and board are accountable and responsive to the needs of our community.
Paul has a master’s degree in Theology from St. John’s University School of Theology with an emphasis in Biblical Studies, and has over two decades of experience as a classroom teacher, most of it in south Kansas City. He pledges to work to create full transparency and accountability in all of his work on the Board and he is strongly committed to the development of schools that are inclusive, equitable and fully supportive of all children. Paul is grateful to the Center teachers, along with the administration and other support staff, and community members for providing his children and all their classmates with such wonderful school-based experiences. He is also grateful to all of those who live or work in the Center school district for making his family feel so welcome, and for being an important part of their lives. Please feel free to reach Paul at