Bond Updates

82 % of Center School District voters approved a $48 million no tax increase bond during the April 2, 2019 Election. The bond will allow Center School District to update: all district buildings to improve student and teacher safety and security, fund infrastructure maintenance projects, build a new Indian Creek Elementary and expand Red Bridge Elementary to accommodate enrollment growth.The bond will NOT RESULT IN A TAX INCREASE, but will continue the current level of property taxes. 

Construction and Project Overveiw : 

  • All district school restrooms–except two schools, Center High School and Indian Creek Elementary –will be under construction this summer. The only two schools that will be open to students at staff will Center High School and Indian Creek Elementary. 

Early Childhood and Elementary:

  • The Early Childhood pre-construction preparation will begin in Spring 2020
  • The new Indian Creek Elementary pre-construction preparation will begin in Spring 2020
  • The Center Elementary secure entrance pre-construction preparation will begin in Spring 2020
  •  The Red Bridge expansion pre-construction preparation will begin in Spring 2020
  • Roof construction at Red Bridge and Boone in 2020

Middle School, Alternative and High School:

  • Center Middle School gym construction will begin during summer of 2020
  • Center High School restrooms will begin August, 2021
  • Roof construction at Center Alternative School will begin during 2020
  • Chiller construction work will begin summer 2020 at CHS

Already in progress:

  • Secure entrance projects (Boone, Center Middle School and Center High School)
  • The parking lots have been repaved (across the District)
  • Lighting has been updated  (across the District)

With all construction projects, some of the timelines and developments may evolve. If you have questions, please reach out to our facilities department: 816.349.3325.

For more information about each project, you may click on the building tabs below.  

Construction Project Details

For more information about the list of projects that were a result of the facility audit, click on the Fact Sheet below. 

First page of the PDF file: BondFactSheet-District
First page of the PDF file: April2FAQWEB
First page of the PDF file: BondFactSheet-District_1

In preparation for the possibility of the bond, the District hosted a Facility Vision committee. The committee was comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, facility employees and members of Hollis and Miller. The group met over several months to assess the current state of Center School District facilities and explore possible options to enhance building safety, security and facility efficiencies that would lend to more flexible learning spaces as include necessary upgrades. The team drafted an official  District Facility Audit and presented the report to the Board of Education in September of 2018.

To view that presentation please click on the link below.

First page of the PDF file: FINAL-BOEVisionPresentation_201808272_1