Dr. Cargile


Dear Center School District Family:

I am honored and excited to join the Center School District community. I look forward to working together to effectively serve children and families. As a team, we will provide opportunities for students to learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Guiding our students to success in our District will result in college and career ready graduates who will thrive in a competitive global economy.

A big factor that drew me to Center was the District’s Mission Statement; All students will demonstrate high achievement, character, and teamwork in a diverse community. Together, we achieve!

This guiding mission allows Center School District Staff to focus on ALL students and keep students at the CENTER of our conversations. My vision is to create an environment where every student is known by name, strength and need. We will continue to focus on equity and balance the need for care and concern with the kind of academic support that truly inspires students to achieve more than they imagined possible.

I am eager to learn more about Center and immerse myself in this unique organization and community. It is also important to note while I join Center School District, our country is navigating a global pandemic, COVID-19, as well as social unrest related to race and equity. I am committed to creating an environment for our students and community that promotes unity against racial injustices and works to prioritize health and wellness. 

The District has a strong foundation of success and innovation, and I am confident we can build upon the already established strengths. Building a strong culture and work environment that helps further the mission is a priority for me as a leader. We will continue to nurture evidence based leadership practices to provide structure and processes to further engage all staff around strategic planning, increasing morale and creating the absolute best place to work.

The Center Board of Education has charged me with leading this unique school system and has challenged me to increase academic opportunities for all children. I join the district fully aware of the accomplishments of staff, teachers, administrators. As the proud leader of this school system, it is my distinct duty to ensure this charge comes to fruition through our collective efforts as a community. I look forward to experiencing many more successes as a team in the years to come.

Together, every student will be known by name, strength and need. I am eager to listen, learn, and partner with you as we work to increase educational opportunities for all Center students to succeed in school and beyond.



Yolanda Cargile, Ed.D


 Email: superintendent@center.k12.mo.us

Phone: 816.349.3310

Twitter:  @csd58supt

Instagram: @csd58supt