Extended School Year Program

ESY Program
(Extended School Year)

For eligible students with disabilities.

For more information about ESY, please contact any of the following staff members:

ESY Information

ESY School Hours

Early childhood
8:00 am- 11:30 amMonday-Thursday
8:30 am- 1:00 pmMonday- Thursday
7:45 am-12:30 pmMonday- Thursday
7:30 am- 12:00 pmMonday- Thursday

ESY Services

ESY services are designed to support a student with a disability as documented under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to maintain the academic, social/behavioral, communication, or other skills that they have learned as part of their Individualized Education Program (IEP).

In order for a student to be eligible to receive ESY services, the student must have evidenced substantial regression and recoupment issues during the previous IEP year and/or there is evidence of emerging skills.

The focus of the services provided to the eligible student as part of an ESY program are generally not upon learning new skills or "catching up" to grade level, but rather to provide practice to maintain previously acquired or learned skills. In some cases ESY is focused on continuing education for students whose rate of progress is insufficient to enable effective progress during the regular school year.

Important Information for Parents

  • The IEP team must consider whether your student is eligible for ESY services.
  • Not every child with an IEP is eligible for ESY services.
  • The decision about ESY is individualized, based on the needs of each child.
  • Children who require ESY services often only require them with respect to a particular area or goal.
  • ESY services are designed to maintain a skill, not to provide an opportunity for the student to further progress on a skill.
  • It is important to remember that all children regress on their skills over breaks, and our teachers expect and allow for a period of skill recoupment for all students upon return from break.
  • In deciding whether your student is eligible for ESY, the team will consider whether he/she will experience significant regression in a particular skill over break and will take an unusually long period of time to recoup that skill upon return.
  • The team will also consider other factors, such as what activities your child is participating in over the break.
  • If your child is eligible, the team will identify what goals/skills need to be addressed during ESY, based on regression/recoupment data, in order to maintain the skill at a level that will allow your child to recoup the skill within an acceptable period of time upon return.
  • Whether your child is eligible for ESY will not impact their ability to participate in the school district’s regular summer school program.
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