Optimal learning requires good health. The school nurse/health aide assists students to attain a high level of wellness. The school nurse is a liaison between education and health care, providing a link between the school, home and community.

At School the Nurse/Health Aide

  • Assesses the health needs of students and staff and provides appropriate and timely referrals.
  • Provides assessments for scoliosis, vision, hearing, dental, blood pressure, growth and development, health problems and behaviors.
  • Provides emergency first aid and works with the school community to identify safety hazards and recommends prevention programs.
  • Involved in communicable disease control through the implementation of immunization laws and screenings.
  • Provides health counseling for chronic illness, nutrition, disease prevention and healthy lifestyles.
  • Is a resource for health related issues and health education.
  • Acts as a provider and broker of school health services, including clinic manager and case manager.