Strategic Plan

The 2016- 2020  Center School District’s Strategic Plan

A strategic plan serves as a roadmap to achieve and accomplish goals of improving student outcomes while meeting the everchanging needs of students and community. The strategic plan outlines the actions needed to achieve goals, aims and objectives with a focus on planning and designing strategies for the next generation of learning.  

The Center School District is currently guided by a Strategic Plan that was released in 2016.The District’s current five-year strategic plan ends on June 30, 2021.

The plan was created through a five-month process. Starting with a desire to plan for our future in an innovative and creative way, Center School District established a framework to gather input from internal and external stakeholders. From teachers to parents and students to community members, we’ve gathered ideas and dreams from a variety of people connected to our community.

The plan aligns with the vision and mission for the future of CSD schools.

Vision: The Center School District strives for excellence in our schools where all students are expected to learn and grow.

Mission: All students will demonstrate high achievement, character, and teamwork in a diverse community. Together, we achieve!

The plan highlights 6 main strategies:

Strategy 1 Academic Achievement

Strategy 2 College and Career Readiness

Strategy 3 Engagement

Strategy 4 Taking Care of Students and Staff

Strategy 5 Efficient Systems

Strategy 6 21st Century Learning Environments

To learn more about Center School District's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, please click on the link: 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.