The Center School District's Mission and Vision

As a District, we want to create an environment where everyone is talking about the success of our students and community. If we can create synergy focused on student success, together we can achieve the successes we strive to meet.

 The key to success will be the implementation of the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan. We are committed to being results-focused in becoming a leader in learning.

 The dedication, professionalism, and support of our staff, faculty, administrators, students, parents, and community are appreciated as we take on the challenging work. Together, we will achieve the vision of becoming a leader in the field of education and a leader in learning.

Our Mission and Vision Statements

Mission: Each student and every staff member will demonstrate high achievement, character, and collaboration in a diverse community.

Core Values & Examples

At Center Schools, we value…

  • High Expectations for Student Success

  • Safe and Respectful Schools

  • Lifetime Community and Family-Centric Relationships

  • Highly Qualified, Diverse Staff

  • Diversity in Our Schools and Community

Vision: Ensure each student thrives in a future-focused learning environment as they build their skills to become responsible citizens.