Coffee table

Crow’s Coffee is one of many locally owned businesses located in the Red Bridge Shopping Center. Since opening this location several years ago, Crow’s has become a popular spot for morning coffee, networking, and hanging out with friends. On nice weather days, the outdoor patio is especially popular. A few months ago, the owner of Crow’s, Zach Moores, made an offhand comment that he really needed to replace the tables and chairs on the patio. 

Enter the Advanced Woodshop program at Center High School. In its first year, this class is focused on finding projects to help students refine their skills and learn how to apply them in real world situations. Known as “client connected projects” in the world of Real World Learning, these experiences not only provide students with the opportunity to advance their woodworking skills, but also the more general skills of working with clients, understanding their requirements, maintaining a project schedule, and delivering a finished product. Industrial Technology teacher at Center High School, Alec Chambers, talked with Zach and made arrangements for Crow’s to cover the cost of the materials while students will design and build the furniture. 

Last Thursday, the members of the 5th hour Advanced Woodshop class traveled to Crows to meet with Zach and create a plan. The students listened to Zach describe the two tables and 20 chairs that he needs. They asked questions about his plans to ensure that they understood all the requirements. They took many measurements. And, after they were done with the meeting, Zach treated everyone to a free drink!!

The plans are being drawn, supply lists are being compiled, and the project plan is being finalized for review with the customer. We’ll keep you posted on progress in The Coffee Table Chronicles, Part 2!