Crow's Coffee

When we last talked about the tables being built by the CHS Advanced Woodshop class for Crow’s Coffee, the student designers had met with owner Zach Moores about what he wanted. Since that time, they have been hard at work with design ideas, sharing their thoughts with Zach as they continue to move forward.

We visited with Mia Morgan, who is the liaison between Zach and the team to learn about their progress. Mia has had multiple conversations with Zach while exchanging ideas generated by the team and Zach for the design of a large community table for the indoor space, along with two smaller tables and chairs for the outdoor space.

The core value for Zach and Crow’s Coffee is “community”, as the shop is a place for customers  to not only have a great cup of coffee, but to build friendships and community relationships. He wants the furniture to reflect those values. As an example, he wants furniture that will provide plenty of “face to face” interactions for his customers. Other important factors are durability and, for the outdoor pieces, the ability to withstand weather conditions. 

The students in the Advanced Woodshop class divided into four groups to come up with design ideas. Mia shared those ideas with Zach and gave his feedback to the teams to finally develop a collaborative design. The plans were put into drawings and specifications for Zach’s approval. The inspiration for the community table is shown below (though the final design will have chairs rather than the benches). .

The round tables for the outdoor space have a geometric design that will add a unique visual appeal to the finished product. 

The educational benefits of the design process have been very rewarding according to Mia. Students have learned how to express their ideas in words and drawings and to make changes based on client feedback. Zach is an excellent client with good ideas and feedback for the design team throughout the process.

The materials have been ordered and the next step is to begin the construction process. The work will again be assigned to each of the teams within the class. Expected completion date is early in 2023.

We’ll keep you posted in part 3 of the Coffee Table Chronicles.