Greg Tang Math

If you ask most people the question "Is learning math hard?", the answer would be a resounding YES! 

Greg Tang, a self-professed math nerd, has dedicated his career to finding ways to make learning math more intuitive for students. Thanks to a grant from the Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation, teachers at two Center schools have a unique opportunity to work directly with Greg over the next two years. A series of in-person workshops began last summer with a two-day visit for teachers at Red Bridge and Indian Creek Elementary schools. They learned the principles of Greg's math instructional methods (hint - it all centers around the use of the Base 10 numbering system). 

They have begun using his methods with students this year and have seen excellent results. According to Indian Creek Principal, Angela Price, "Our scholars love 'Tang Math.' They are engaged and appear to be grasping math concepts with greater understanding using his techniques.  Greg Tang Math has been a great supplement to our math curriculum."

Recently, Greg hosted a parent meeting at Indian Creek to share his methods to help parents understand how their kids are learning. Check out the video below to see how Greg solves the problem of 4 times 16. 

Teachers will continue to work with Greg through a series of virtual and in-person workshops between now and June 2024. In addition, they will share their learning with colleagues at other schools to spread the knowledge.  We look forward to seeing tangible results as students demonstrate their learning on state assessment tests later this spring.