Polar Plunge

As we shared with you last week, members of the Center High School Student Government Association (SGA) planned to jump in a lake last Saturday to raise money for Special Olympics Missouri. 

Well, twenty-eight members (including four staff members) did indeed jump into 28-degree water for an “invigorating” dip shortly after noon on Saturday, January 28th. When asked about their “strategy” before the plunge, answers differed dramatically by age. The young high school students were all about speed, immersion, and fully enjoying the experience. The more mature staff members were focused on “staying together, going slow, and NOT falling down”. 

A large crowd of over 500 people attended the plunge. A group of Super Plungers had been at the lake for 24 hours, plunging once per hour throughout the day and night. Many other school and civic groups also participated. As the moment neared for the Center group to take the plunge, the students and staff moved to the starting line for a final safety check. Then it was 3, 2, 1 GO and off they sprinted towards the water. Click the image below to view the video. 

Polar Plunge Video

As you can see, the staff fully met their goals of a unified team moving slowly (very slowly) and safely (nobody was wet above the waist). The high school students, as promised, focused on speed and a few did a full immersion, exiting with dripping hair. 

It was a great event and hats off to our Center SGA as they raised over $3,100 to support Special Olympics Missouri. “Freezin’ for a Reason” is the slogan for the Polar Plunge and our Center team took that to heart. 

They will be back at it next January. You can start training now (suggested training plan - daily baths in ice cold water) if you want to be part of the 2024 Plunge!