Important Links

Room Reservation Calendar


Click on the link below to view the room reservation calendar

AESOP Registration and Login

How do I register with the system?
  1. Simply dial 1-866-535-5998

  2. Enter your Identification (ID) and Pin numbers. The information is as follows (Please notify the central office if your identification number listed below is not correct.)
    • ID number - Your phone number
    • Pin number - Last 5 numbers of your phone number
  3. Once you are logged in the system, you will be given prompts for the various menu choices.
    When you access the system over the phone for the first time, it is very important that you record your name and assignment for substitutes to hear. Please keep in mind that only your name and assignment should be recorded. (e.g. John Doe, 3rd Grade) as the system will play this recording to potential substitutes for all future absences you register. You will not be asked to record this information each time you register an absence.
    * When entering an absence, please wait until you receive a confirmation number before you terminate the phone call. Your transaction is not complete until you receive a confirmation number.

You may also access the system on the internet at the link below.

CSD Staff Portal

The CSD Staff Portal provides personal work information as well as important resources for employees categorized by departments and subject areas.
If you are looking for forms or needed resources, click on the links provided. You will need to login using your district user name and password.

To go to the CSD - KeyNet Portal click on the link below.

If you are using Internet Explorer you will get the following warning.

It is recommended that you use Chrome, you can also use Firefox.

Your window should look like this.

Once you have you logged in you will see your welcome page.


Link to iCampus sign in portal for Staff

Tutorial on creating a Campus Community account.

Campus Community is a comprehensive website that provides tutorials, hands on virtual labs, FAQs, videos, simulations, and documentation for all aspects of Infinite Campus.
It is the one link you need to find the answer to any question you have about Infinite Campus.

School Dude


If you need to put a ticket into School Dude, here are the instructions. The area most people get confused on is the submittal password which is the same for everyone: center

Steps to Entering in a Request Ticket:

1) go to

2) If the website asks for organization number then enter our 9 digit account number (this only needs to be done the first time the computer touches the website): 784005028 and click on "submit organization"

3) Enter in your email address and click submit.

4) If your email has been used to create an account then it will take you straight to a "Center-Technology Request Form".

4a) If the email account has not been entered into School Dude, then enter in your last name and hit submit.

  • On the next screen fill in your First Name and then type in your Phone Number and hit submit

5) Once at the "Center-Technology Request Form" screen Enter in information in Steps 1 through 9. (Steps 5, 6 and 7 can be skipped).

  • Fields with red check marks next to them indicate that this is a mandatory entry you should make.
  • On Step 3 - you may only choose one Problem Type. If you have more than one issue then create a separate ticket for that issue.
  • On Step 8 you must enter center as the password, to be able to submit the ticket.

If you have any questions about this please contact any of us in the technology department.


Technology Department

Outlook Webaccess

Outlook Webaccess

To access Outlook online, go to

Safe Schools Training Videos

Talent Ed Login

Bright SPED

Bright SPEDTMprovides you with a comprehensive, time-saving, web-based tool for special education programs. It is designed to address the complexities and changing dynamics of special education reporting. Bright SPED provides functionality through a data driven infrastructure which does not rely on forms processing. This significant difference is one of the aspects that allows Bright SPED to meet Federal and State Compliance modifications in a timely way.

Continuing Education Information

List of district approved schools for degree or certification programs. (PDF)

58 Fitness Program

Link to the Center 58 Fitness site.

Worker's Comp

Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Collective Bargaining Agreement is a memorandum agreement which reflects the results of collective bargaining negotiations between the Center Education Association (CEA )and Center School District .


The purpose of this Agreement is to achieve and maintain harmonious relations between the Center School District Board of Education, Administration and the Center Education Association, to provide the highest quality educational programs for the students of the Center School District, and for equitable and peaceful adjustment of differences which may arise, and to set forth the understanding reached between the parties with respect to various conditions of employment.

This Agreement has been jointly created by representatives of the Board of Education and the Center Education Association through the use of the Modified Interest Based Bargaining (MIBB) process. We are committed to continued use of the MIBB process in our work together, and to resolutions of conflict whenever possible through achievement of consensus upon acknowledgment of all parties interest.



Collective Bargaining Agreement ( PDF)


Benefits/Customer Service Phone Numbers


  • For more information about benefits, including dental/vision, insurance, sick leave pool and businesses offering discounts, please visit the Working in Center – Benefits page.


Phone: 1-800-992-3522

Phone: 1-877-238-6200

Assurant LTD
Phone: 1-800-733-7879

Blue Cross Blue Shield of KC - Medical
Phone: 816-395-2270

CBIZ can also assist you with individual policies.
Kristin Grace:
Nicole Osborn:816-945-5652

New Directions Behavioral Health
EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
913-982-8398 or 1-800-624-5544

Standard Life Insurance
Phone: 1-800-628-8600

Superior Vision
Phone: 1-800-507-3800




Staff Handbooks


  • District Staff Handbook (pdf)
  • Mentor Protege Handbook (pdf)
  • Elementary Staff Procedural Manual (pdf)
  • Early Childhood Handbook (pdf)
  • Center Middle School Handbook (pdf)
  • Center High School Handbook (pdf)


Student Websites